Why Play in the SPL?

If you’re undecided about playing a Social Paintball League event, we’ve put together a comparison chart to make it easier for you to see the benefits of playing in the SPL on both an individual and team basis. No matter what league or event you choose to support, we want you to play paintball in Florida and get the most out of it. That is why we are the only league to provide player benefits for players that play in the SPL.

Please note that the below comparisons are based on a 5 player roster per event. The more players you bring to an event, the more cost effective it will be.

SPL vs. the Other BYOP Leagues


BYOP 5-Man League

5-Man D4/D5 RaceTo-2 / Bring Your Own Paint
$450/Per Event Entry Fee
  • $6,230 OR $11,000* in total prizes (*IF 11 or more teams enter per division)
  • Cost to play (Entry plus paint): $975
  • Per Player Cost to play: $195
  • 1st Place D4 = $2300 OR $5,250* in Prizes
  • 1st Place D5 = $2300 OR $5,250* in Prizes
  • Trophy for 1st in each division
  • Medals for 1st to 3rd in each division

All information is based on publicly available information from each league website and social media accounts.