We’ve been working behind the scenes for several months to bring you the full 2018 events schedule for the league. We understand that many players have to request time off and plan their work schedule in advance based on these dates. With that said, below is the six event schedule for the SPL.

  • Event 1, Kickoff – Jan 13-14, Central Florida Paintball, Lakeland, FL
  • Event 2, Florida Cup – Feb 24-25, Central Florida Paintball, Lakeland, FL
  • Event 3,Sunshine State Open – Apr 7-8, Central Florida Paintball, Lakeland, FL
  • Event 4, Memorial Cup – May 26-27, Combat Zone Sports, Merritt Island, FL
  • Event 5, Summer Jam – July 21-22, Battle Field Orlando, Orlando, FL
  • Event 6, Social Cup – Sept 22-23, Central Florida Paintball, Lakeland, FL

This season we’ve expanded our schedule to six total events to accommodate the new D3 and D4 X-Ball format we’ll be offering, in addition to our 5-Man and 3-Man RaceTo-2 formats. In coming up with the six event schedule, we took into consideration the commitment that teams have to the national level.

It’s important to note that we’ll only be offering D3 & D4 X-Ball during four total events. Those are Events 1, 2, 3, and 6. This allows X-Ball teams an opportunity to play both the SPL and on the national level without being forced into a six event commitment.

Registration is officially open for the 2018 SPL Kickoff: https://paintball-players.org/cgi-bin/showteams.cgi?LID=292&EID=5754

We’ll be making more announcements in the days and weeks to come.